Always I hated to write some helper functions and some PHP Pure codes in Laravel Blade and after a while, I decided to write a Laravel package to create an easier Blade.

This package has some directive which can help you to write a Blade with more directive.

With the EasyBlade package, You don’t need to write more PHP Pure code and after installing this package You will be able to write a better and more understandable Blade (view).

Let’s see some directives of this package.

  • The first directive is @route :
//Before : {{ route(‘home’) }}//After : @route(‘home’)

Have you ever tried to build a complete admin panel in Laravel from zero?

It takes lots of energy and time and, you may not like what you have built.

I had the same problem as you, When I was trying to make an admin panel and I think to myself and I said: Reza there are lots of people who want to build a beautiful admin panel like you, make your module more flexible and share It in Github.

Wow, It’s very good I should do it for the open-source community.

So I decided to build an admin panel…

Reza Amini

A young full-stack Developer who loves Laravel and reading.

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